CPL Foundation Projects

CPLF Projects
Enriching the community...

The CPL Foundation has a rich history of accomplishment. As part of the effort to build a secure future for our public library, the Foundation has received generous grants and donations from organizations and individuals. The following are a few of the programs and services made possible by the generosity of individual, corporate and foundation donors to the Chesapeake Public Library Foundation:

  • The CPL Foundation established a long term revenue stream for the Library in 2011 through a donation from the Harry Bramhall Gilbert Charitable Trust that funded the purchase of copiers and printers for use by the public. The Gilbert Trust has also supported expansion of the library's collection, provided two electric disability scooters for the Central library, and helped furnish the new Indian River Library Young Adult room.
  • The Library, in partnership with the Foundation, was awarded a $100,000 Smart Investing@ your library® grant in 2009 to provide financial literacy training to the community. The projects is designed to help build the capacity of public libraries to provide effective, unbiased investor education at the community level by providing high-quality resources and services. Our program teams with Norfolk State University and other community organizations to offer a fun approach to investor education through gaming and other online resources. The Foundation serves as the 501(c)(3) organization that administers the grant funds.
  • The Foundation arranged with American Office Systems, owned by Mr. Alan Cole, to provide public copiers for the libraries from 1999 through 2010. The company donated over $97,000 in proceeds to CPLF through this arrangement, enabling the Foundation to support numerous library programs and projects.
  • A donation from the Marie Dornhecker Trust in 2006 to the Foundation enabled the Library to establish a special collection of foreign language reading materials for the community. This is a unique collection of popular items available in French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian. Additional donations from the Marie Dornhecker Trust to the Foundation were made in 2008 and 2011 to support expansion of the collection.
  • The Chesapeake Poetry Festival, hosted by the Foundation from 1994-2010 at the Russell Memorial Library, helped increased community awareness of poetry and literature. A unique cultural program for the Tidewater area, the Poetry Festival featured renowned national poets with ties to Virginia. The intent of the project was to bring together, in an informal setting, Virginia poets and the community at large to stimulate an interest in personal writing and to develop a sense of the importance of putting life experiences on paper. The festival gave the public an opportunity to interact with those who made poetry their life's work, and demonstrated the richness of Virginia's regionally, nationally, and internationally known poets through their readings. The Festival was generously supported through the years by C. Edward Russell, Jr. and the Foundation.
  • A bequest from the Barbara E. Smith Testamentary Trust in 2005 provided additional public access computers for the South Norfolk Library.
  • The CPL Foundation teamed up with the Gates Foundation in 2001 to purchase Public Internet access computers for our libraries that were ineligible for the Gates grant.
  • Through a donation made in 1999 from The Honorable Linwood L. Briggs, former mayor of South Norfolk, the Foundation made a long-term commitment to purchase books for the South Norfolk Library and enhance the Library's literacy room.
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