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Meeting Room Policy

The Chesapeake Public Library Meeting Room policy.

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Use of the library meeting rooms is reserved for Chesapeake organizations, Chesapeake businesses, City of Chesapeake departments, Chesapeake Public Schools, Chesapeake residents, Commonwealth of Virginia and federal agencies, and full service card holders.  A meeting room request form must be completed for each reservation.

These facilities are available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs, or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use, as stated in Article VI of the American Library Associations Library Bill of Rights as it relates to exhibit space and meeting rooms.
Due to the high maintenance from certain events, meeting rooms may not be used for the following private purposes: Birthday parties, parties in general, weddings, showers, funerals or family reunions. The library manager reserves the right to deny any request or apply additional conditions before requests are approved. Exceptions may be granted by Library Administration. Apply by completing the Meeting Room Use Exception Form or writing a letter to the Director. 
Community organizations or individuals may have, at no charge, two active reservations in effect at one time. Reservations may be made up to twelve (12) months in advance. More than two (2) active reservations are available for a fee, based on the size of the room. ALL FEES ARE DUE WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS OF MAKING THE RESERVATION AND PRIOR TO THE USE OF THE MEETING ROOM OR RESERVATION WILL BE CANCELED. (See fee schedule under the "Rooms" tab on this page.)
A. Residents must provide identification of address.
B. Any community organization or individual conducting sales or charging admission is subject to fees based on the size of the room being reserved. (See fee schedule.)
C. All non-fee or non-governmental meetings are open to the public.
Business or for-profit organizations may have seven (7) active reservations in effect at a time. Reservations may be made up to twelve (12) months in advance. ALL FEES ARE DUE WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS OF MAKING THE RESERVATION AND PRIOR TO THE USE OF THE MEETING ROOM OR THE RESERVATION WILL BE CANCELLED.
A. Business or for-profit organizations must provide documentation that they are a Chesapeake business or organization.
B. Fees are based on the size of the room being reserved. (See fee schedule.)


Due to the high demand for our meeting rooms, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting in order to receive a refund. Refunds will also be given in the event the library is unexpectedly closed by the City and may take up to four (4) weeks to receive. If this occurs, every effort will be made to contact the group immediately. Citywide closing announcements will be made on WFOS-FM, WTAR-AM and WVEC-TV.

Equipment/Kitchen Use:

The following equipment is available: Tables, chairs, podium, DVD projectors, refrigerator and microwave oven.  Some branches have conference rooms with Smartboards installed. All other supplies are to be provided by the user. (Some equipment may not be available at all locations.)
Meeting rooms with kitchens are available at Central, Greenbrier, Indian River, Major Hillard and Russell Memorial branches. Kitchen facilities will need to be shared if more than one group needs the kitchen facility. Food and beverages are allowed only in the meeting rooms – not the conference rooms. If an event is to be catered, the arrangements with the caterer are the responsibility of the sponsoring group, not the library. However, the caterer can contact the library manager for a tour of the facility and/or to arrange scheduling of their arrival time.
Open flames, including candles, are not allowed under the City’s Fire Code. Cans of fuels, which are used to keep buffet items warm, are allowed. The City’s Fire Marshall can answer other questions of this nature (757-382-5666).

Housekeeping/Set Up:

It is the responsibility of the organization or individual to return the room to its original furniture arrangement and cleanliness. Failure to do so will result in the loss of future meeting room privileges.
A dumpster is provided outside the library for the disposal of trash and a vacuum cleaner is available at all locations to clean the meeting room floor if needed.


In addition to the previous conditions, the following regulations are also in effect:
  1. Smoking is not allowed in public facilities. (Code of the City of Chesapeake, Section 38-154)
  2. Groups selling merchandise or tickets are responsible for having all required license as for payment of any amusement or other taxes due.  Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue and/or the City Treasurer for further details.
  3. The library is not responsible for taking registration fees or selling tickets for non-library sponsored events.  The staff is also not responsible for providing information about non-library sponsored events.
  4. Materials may not be stored in advance by groups using the library meeting rooms unless prior arrangement has been made with the library manager.
  5. The library is not responsible for any personal belongings brought into the facility.
  6. Groups using the meeting rooms may not exceed the room’s authorized seating capacity.
  7. Alcoholic beverages all allowed only when all portions of the Code of the City of Chesapeake, Section 46-182, are met.
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